Uuni Wood-fired Oven: Strip Steaks


For Christmas I got an Uuni wood-fired pizza oven, which I saw in a catalog at around $200 price tag. Initially, I thought, okay this will be great smoky-flavored pizzas but then I did a Google search and found the Chicago Brick Oven site which had a few other recipes. So…presenting an impromptu video of cooking strip steaks on the Uuni!

Many years ago, we had steaks cooked on rocks at a restaurant in the Czech Republic. They were delicious! This seemed like a fairly close replica of those steaks, to cook them on a baking stone.

We bought 4 inexpensive strip steaks ($4 ea) and marinated them all afternoon. About an hour and a half before cooking, they were taken out of the fridge to warm closer to room temperature – something I always do with meat because it cooks evenly when it’s not chilled.

We don’t camp anymore now that the kids are grown up but if I was a camper type…this would be ideal to take camping. It’s very contained as far as the pellets are concerned and it cools quickly. We brought it inside about 30 minutes after it died out. And as you can see, it’s small. This is a really cheap and fast way to cook! The steaks were simply wonderful –  extremely tender and juicy with the perfect char on the outside. YUMMY. No other words for how good they tasted. We devoured them. Mine was cooked all the way through (a disappointment, but oh well) and everyone else’s were just slightly pink. In under 6 minutes! That’s just a crazy cook speed for meat.

The video here explains the rest! I recorded it so I would know how to use it since The Grill Master is not always home to start dinner. And as you will hear, I always question his technique  🙂



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