Pimento Cheese’s Bad Rep

The problem, as we all know, is the guilt by association to celery. Some of us are okay with their friendship, but at a party, we give them a nod and move on to the other tastier guests. It’s time PCheese got its reputation straightened out. Enter the burger.

On a whim, I made a 1/2 mix of brisket and ground chuck and began looking at my fridge for accessories. I’d never made pimento cheese, nor even seen a recipe, but if you have it on a burger you’ll fall in love. It’s simple to make and a big batch leaves more for soft bread and toast when you need a snack after the burgers are all gone.

Here’s what I had in my fridge: Colby and Monterrey Jack cubes; Gruyere. They worked out just fine. Pick your own soft cheese blend(s) and make yourself happy.

  • food processor
  • soft cheeses, about 1.5-2 C
  • 1/3 C, more or less, of mayo
  • roasted red peppers (find big slices of it, jarred, in the grocery pickle aisle or roast your own)

Process the cheeses and add the mayo, process it lightly. Add however much of the roasted red pepper (pimento) you want. Lightly process so the pimento is still chunky – you want a flavorful bite of the pimento here and not a pink, unappetizing spread.

Top your burgers off the grill hot so the cheese gets soft and melty. All the leftover keeps for days in the fridge for fold-overs and toast.

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